How to avoid ‘the red tape’ in your investment banking job

We are always under pressure to find the best deals, so how can we avoid getting stonewalled when we invest? That’s what Gilead Capital’s Global Investment Banking team is trying to help us with in their Introducing the Investor’s Finance (IFC) training. The team is offering a pre-screening workshop to help potential investors understand what it takes to get throughRead More

Why Disney should buy a stake in the next iPhone

Disney is about to get its very own iPhone, but the entertainment giant will need to get the deal done fast if it wants to stay ahead of Apple.The tech giant will hold a vote next month on whether to sell its controlling stake in a company that makes iPhones, iPads and Macs to aRead More

Pepsico: Pepsis investment, media, and technology coverage

PepsiS, the new media and entertainment company from Pepsic, Inc., has a mission to be the leader in online and mobile news and information for the people, for the business, and for the world.Pepsici is committed to helping brands thrive and prosper in a global media environment.Peepsic is based in Palo Alto, Calif., with officesRead More