IBM says it is buying back $3 billion in assets

IBM has announced plans to buy back more than $3.5 billion in its businesses and the shares of its global investment arm, the IBM Group.The deal, which will close this year, includes IBM’s data center and software businesses, its healthcare businesses, and its information technology operations.IBM said it would make the investment on a non-recourseRead More

Why Disney should buy a stake in the next iPhone

Disney is about to get its very own iPhone, but the entertainment giant will need to get the deal done fast if it wants to stay ahead of Apple.The tech giant will hold a vote next month on whether to sell its controlling stake in a company that makes iPhones, iPads and Macs to aRead More

The latest tech news

Recode’s Nick Gillespie and Kara Swisher join Kara Swartz for a tech chat about the latest tech and how to become a better entrepreneur.The TechRepublic podcast with Nick Gillespie is hosted by Kara Swinger.Read the transcript here.Read next: Microsoft announces $30 million investment into FierceAI Read the original article Sign up to Recode today forRead More