What’s the best way to grow your job at Chipotle?

On Thursday, the restaurant chain was rocked by an unprecedented breach of its data, forcing the company to close its systems and lay off hundreds of employees.The data breach occurred last week, after the company revealed the identities of some of its employees who had been using the software that it uses to keep tabsRead More

How to boost your portfolio at Medtronic

Invest in Medtronics and take advantage of the great stock returns in the past.Invest in shares of Medtric and you’ll get an incredible return.If you’re not a Medtrol investor, you can still take advantage with the stock market.Investing in shares has never been easier, thanks to Medtronics stock price, which is currently trading at aRead More

How to save money on LinkedIn’s stock buyback

How to boost your LinkedIn stock buybacks?You’ll have to do a lot of legwork to get there, and the best advice I can give you is to start small.So how do you do it?First, find a stock that’s undervalued, and start buying.If you’re not sure, use the stock’s price to determine what it’s worth atRead More