How KKR will make its bet in gaming industry

Kotaku UK has learned that, at the beginning of 2017, KKR was in talks to invest £250 million in an equity fund called the KKR GAMESTOP.The deal was set to be completed in 2018 and it was not clear when that would happen, but it is known that the fund would invest in gaming-related businesses.KKRRead More

Disney CEO says he’s ‘very confident’ of staying

Disney CEO Bob Iger says he “absolutely” thinks he can stay as Disney CEO despite some internal concerns about his ability to lead the company.Speaking to investors in Tokyo, Mr Iger said he was “very confident” of remaining in the role for the long term and the company would “do the right thing” in itsRead More

How to make money with the stock market

Investing in the stock markets is a great way to make extra money while also being part of a global community of like-minded investors.For example, if you are a millennial or a woman, it’s great to be part of an investing community that also has women and men, people of colour and a wide varietyRead More