Marriott Investors Review: Marriot Investors is a ‘Great Deal’

“Marriot Investors Review is a great deal.The company has been a terrific success story, with a strong, loyal customer base and strong investor base.”– Dan Kosty, CEO of Marriott InternationalCorp.“Marriott Investors Review will provide investors with a clear picture of the company, its products and services and provide them with an opportunity to invest inRead More

A year after it was hit by a record number of suicides, the Government is once again putting a squeeze on the number of Australians who commit suicide every year

More than 2,400 Australians died in 2015, a record high number for the previous three years.More than 11,000 Australians have attempted suicide, the highest number since at least 2005, and the majority of those have been aged over 65.The Government is again pushing to reduce the rate of suicide, with new restrictions on the useRead More

Northwood investors say investors are too optimistic

Investors in Northwood Investments Corp., the Ontario government-backed fund that is betting on Ontario’s economic recovery, have said they are too bullish.The fund, which has raised $4.6-billion in debt financing, is expected to report results in the second quarter of next year.Investors are more than willing to take on debt for their investments, said DavidRead More