How a new stadium could change Toronto FC’s fortunes

The new MLS expansion franchise Toronto FC is eyeing an ambitious $1.6 billion stadium that would be the largest in North America.The $1 billion project would be built in phases and would include two indoor venues, the first of which would be an indoor soccer stadium on the waterfront near the CN Tower.The stadium wouldRead More

How to handle a $3 million sale

The $3M sale of the home that you’ve always wanted, only to realize that it’s now $3.3M!If you’re feeling left out by this list of recent home sales, here’s a few things you should know: 1.The first sale was a $4M home in Brooklyn. 2.The second sale was $3,859,999. 3.The third sale was an 8.5M+ sale. 4.The fourth saleRead More

How to save the world with a $50 billion fund

Investor Hub – Investor Hub is a new venture capital investment and financing platform for companies that want to raise capital or get investors.It connects investors with potential investors, providing them with the tools they need to find, acquire and manage the capital they need.About the Author: Jason R. Sosnik has been a financial writerRead More