Trump, Sanders campaign shake up finances: What to know

Trump’s campaign has hired an outside law firm to help resolve financial conflicts and “resolve the outstanding issues” between the two campaigns, as well as “address the issues surrounding the 2016 election.”┬áBernie Sanders, meanwhile, is using a law firm, the law firm of Covington & Burling, to investigate potential conflicts of interest between his campaignRead More

How to invest in the internet at the right time

Investment strategies can be difficult, especially when there are no clear rules or guidelines, according to one of the leading online investment experts.BBC News examines how investing in the cloud and digital currencies should be done, based on his experience with the digital asset. Read more

How to use an API to buy the future

The most interesting news this year is about where the world’s economy is headed.And this year, we are about to have a major economic test.That’s because this year’s global economic crisis has become a test of whether technology can help our economy move faster.A major economic crisis is one that threatens our future prosperity, butRead More