Fis investor rep says she won’t run for Fis board chair

Dublin-based Fis Investment Management has confirmed it will not seek to contest the appointment of its new Fis chairman, but says it will continue to support its founder and board members.Fis’ new chief executive and chairwoman were announced on Monday.It is not yet clear whether they will remain on the board.Last month, Fis posted itsRead More

Which Indian company is India’s biggest?

The list of Indian companies with the biggest annual revenue growth has been revealed by India’s top financial regulator, the Reserve Bank of India.The Reserve Bank is the country’s top regulator, which also oversees the Central Bank of Pakistan, the National Bank of Nigeria, the Pakistan International Airlines and the State Bank of Bangladesh.Its latestRead More

How to Use Investopedia to Get an Investor Relations Job

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How to get in on the stock market frenzy

In an era of intense speculation, a lot of investors have been looking for the next big thing.If you want to invest in stocks, you need to be able to look beyond your own stock portfolio and find opportunities in the broader market.This is where investor research comes in.There are many sources for investor information,Read More

What’s next for fisav investor relations?

Reddit investors hangout, a teslinvestors group for investor professionals and the tech industry, is launching a new program for the startup that aims to bring some investor relations attention to the growing number of investors that use social media to interact with their companies.In the program, Reddit will invite Redditors who have invested in aRead More