How to invest in Indian tech startups: A look at BlackRock

BlackRock has invested in some of India’s hottest startups, including WhatsApp and Snapdeal, and plans to add at least $500 million to the Indian tech sector in the next two years.

It has a significant presence in the country and has an ambitious long-term vision of building a billion-dollar tech ecosystem by 2020.

The investment follows a string of investments by the US-based investment giant, including $150 million in Flipkart and $50 million in Paytm, and $200 million in Reliance Industries (RIP) in 2017.

In its latest filing with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), BlackRock said it is targeting a total of $1.25 billion in funding for India by 2020 and plans $1 billion in acquisitions in the coming year.

The company also said it has an “unfathomable” amount of money in India.

The investor relations department of BlackRock India said it was not clear if BlackRock’s investment in Snapdeal was connected to Snapdeal’s plans to expand into India.

Snapdeal declined to comment on BlackRock, which also declined to give any comment.

BlackRock did not respond to a query seeking comment.

Snapdeal had raised $1 trillion (Rs.

7,700 crore) in funding and had said it plans to spend at least one-third of that amount in India by the end of 2021.

Snap Deal has said that it aims to grow to $2 billion in annual revenue by 2020, a number that would be a significant improvement on Snapdeal.

Black Rock’s investments in India are not limited to Snapdeals.

Blackstone’s subsidiary BlackRock Global Fund (BGGF) has invested $100 million in the BaaS and BaaM industries.

BlackRock also said that its investments in Snapdeals will be matched by a $250 million “bundling” by its private equity firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

The two firms have previously partnered in deals in India, with Kleiner helping BlackRock in its initial funding rounds and BlackRock providing cash and stock for Kleiner to use in its investments.

Black Rock has also made investments in other Indian startups, most notably Flipkup, which raised $100.8 million in funding from Reliance Venture Partners and BGR Capital Partners.

Flipkap is owned by Reliance Ventures, and BGL Capital Partners has investments in Flipksart.

Blackrock has invested heavily in India in recent years, investing in over 200 Indian startups and over 100 Indian businesses.

The investments have generated substantial growth for the Indian market.

In 2014, BlackRock and Blackstone announced $1bn in investments to support startups, and by 2016, Blackrock had invested $4 billion in companies in India and over 200 other countries.

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