How to get a honeywell investment from the SEC to avoid a massive SEC lawsuit

Investor’s Business Daily article The US Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into the case of a Honeywell investor who says that she was tricked into buying shares in a company she didn’t own and ended up being paid a $5 million settlement.

“I was completely misled,” Elizabeth Lee told Business Insider, adding that she didn.

The company, Honeywell Innovations, has been accused of manipulating its stock price, and Honeywell says that Lee’s lawsuit is “misleading and false”.

The suit was filed in a New York federal court on Thursday, alleging that Lee was duped into buying the stock, which was owned by Honeywell Inc. The stock was listed as a $15,000 stock option on the company’s website, but when Lee clicked on the “buy” button, she was sent to a fake website that was only for the purpose of buying shares, the suit says.

Honeywell has been sued for deceptive practices by dozens of investors, but the firm says that the suit is without merit.

“We are confident that the complaint is without foundation and that there was no deceptive conduct,” Honeywell said in a statement.

“As a matter of law, the SEC is entitled to enforce our rules and policies and has not filed an action seeking to compel Honeywell to pay any damages to any investor.”

Lee said that she initially signed a contract with Honeywell on the condition that she would not share any information with the company, but that she later found out that she had been duped.

“The company is not liable for any loss of profit that I may have suffered as a result of my decision to purchase the stock,” she said.

The SEC has asked the court to dismiss the case and that the agency will not be pursuing any civil action against Honeywell.

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