How to buy a Sunstone hotel in the U.S. and invest

The sunstone hotel industry is expected to generate more than $6 billion in the fourth quarter, up from $5.9 billion in 2016.

But the growth of the industry has come at a steep price: A new rule that requires more disclosures from hotel operators has left the industry at a disadvantage. 

“The rules change in some respects is going to hurt us,” said David Krumholz, managing director of Sunstone, the largest Sunstone operator in the country.

“There is not going to be as much revenue coming into the industry.” 

A new rule to require more disclosures for hotel operators   Sunstone has had to change its way of managing its operations, and it’s not without a price.

The hotel industry has been struggling to find ways to get people into hotels. 

Sunstones revenue has fallen for more than a decade, and the company has been forced to cut its workforce to roughly the same level as the average American hotelier, according to data compiled by Sunshine Capital Markets. 

Last month, Sunstone agreed to a $1.4 billion settlement with regulators over a scandal that involved employees stealing documents from a Sunstones customer’s computer. 

A Sunstone spokesman declined to comment. 

The Sunstone settlement included a commitment to pay $1 billion to a number of federal and state regulators, including the U,S.

Securities and Exchange Commission, and to create a fund to compensate Sunstone for its legal costs.

Sunstone said the settlement will ensure that Sunstone will not be a “fraudulent and deceptive enterprise” and that the company will not engage in “any form of predatory activity.” 

Sunstons new rules on the disclosure requirements are expected to have a ripple effect. 

For example, Sunstones new disclosures for its hotel business  are more detailed than those for its retail operations, according a recent filing with the Securities and Exchanges Commission. 

While Sunstone has faced some of the biggest changes in its history, the hotel industry remains a relatively young one, with fewer than 500,000 rooms in operation, according the hotel trade group National Hotels Association. 

With a big share of hotel revenue coming from its hotels, Sunstons strategy is to get into more hotels and make money there. 

That means Sunstone is moving away from the more traditional strategy of holding on to as many hotels as it can. 

 “Our strategy is very much focused on hotel occupancy,” said Krumholdz, the Sunstone CEO. 

Krumholzz said Sunstone plans to invest at least $500 million in hotels over the next five years, with most of that going to existing Sunstone facilities. 

Still, Sunston expects to have more than half of its hotel rooms occupied by the end of 2021. 

Its biggest hotel partner, Wynn Resorts, also said it will invest $100 million to invest in new hotels, while other Sunstone partners are looking to increase their investments in hotels.

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