When Spotify and BlackRock invested in a ‘strategic investment’

In December 2017, BlackRock and Spotify agreed to invest $150 million in a “strategic” investment fund for the online music service.

The investment was announced by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, who said: “This investment will give us the opportunity to expand our global footprint and provide a robust ecosystem of access and access for artists and creators across the globe.

It will also allow us to support our investment program and accelerate the evolution of our investment strategy.”

BlackRock announced the fund at the end of May and announced that it was launching a strategic investment program in June, the first step towards a full-scale acquisition of Spotify.

BlackRock’s investments in the Spotify investment are a part of its strategic investment in Spotify, which aims to become a leader in online music.

The company has also announced that the fund will be a “platform for artists to monetize their music.”

Spotify has become the most popular music streaming service on the planet, and with the launch of its free streaming service, it has also become the largest music service in the world.

The platform allows artists to earn money from their music by playing ads, paying for access to streaming services and playing paid content on its platform.

Spotify has also been investing in its own music content, partnering with major labels, independent labels and other brands.

Spotify’s investment in the strategic investment fund is part of a wider push to invest in Spotify’s growth, and in the case of BlackRock, it’s part of that growth.

In January, Blackstone and Blackrock signed a multi-year strategic investment agreement, and Blackstone is the largest investor in Spotify.

Spotify is the most visited music service on Earth, with more than 50 million active users on iOS and Android.