How to handle a low score from a Disney investor

Posted February 06, 2018 07:10:16Disney investor relations has just issued a memo to its investment bankers that explains how they should deal with the low scores that a lot of investors receive from Disney.

“If you have received a negative score, we encourage you to discuss the issue with your banker,” reads the memo.

“There may be ways to address the issue.

For example, you may be able to provide additional information that could improve your investment experience.”

In response to a query on whether this would include financial advisers, Disney says that this is a standard practice, but that Disney is aware of the problem.

“We do not condone low score reviews and we are committed to providing an enjoyable investment experience for our clients,” Disney says in a statement to TheWrap.

“However, we are concerned by the growing number of low score investors.

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the customer experience, we have been working to improve our customer support process and to improve customer satisfaction.”

A high score can have many negative consequences, from being deemed a fraud or scam, to being unable to receive a return, to losing your investment.