Facebook to ‘reinvent’ IPO by using a new, cheaper way

Facebook is looking to change the way its IPO process works to make sure it delivers a better outcome for its investors.

As part of the IPO process, investors are asked to vote on whether to invest in the company.

In addition to the company’s initial public offering, investors can buy shares in Facebook’s private companies or buy shares through a traditional IPO.

In the past, Facebook has changed the way it determines who is eligible to invest, which means investors could vote on a number of factors.

For example, they could vote to invest if their company has already raised $1 billion in a Series A round, or they could buy shares if their stock has already soared to record highs.

Facebook’s new process is designed to make this easier, according to the social network.

It will allow investors to vote in favour of buying shares by giving the option to vote against buying, or “re-vote”.

This will help to ensure that investors have the option of voting against buying.

The process will be easier to follow for investors as it will be automated by Facebook, meaning that they won’t have to answer any questions about why they should buy a share.

The company has also set up a special team that will make sure that investors receive a reply within 24 hours after they vote, which could save investors time.

The change comes after a report from the Securities and Exchange Commission last year said that Facebook had raised more than $1.2 billion for its public companies, with more than one-third of the money being invested through the public offering process.

Facebook previously said it had raised $700 million for its private companies, but its shares have been valued at more than double that figure.

Facebook is looking at how to change how its IPO works, but it is unlikely to be implemented before 2017, according a source familiar with the matter.

The move comes after Facebook was rocked by allegations of discrimination by its US-based CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The US Securities and Exchanges Commission, however, has yet to make any action on the allegations.

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