Abbvie invests in VR gaming company, adds new CEO

The AbbVie Investor Center has joined forces with the Sports Card Investor Network, according to a press release.

The two organizations are dedicated to bringing investors more information on the investment opportunities in esports.

“As the leader of the sports card industry, Abbvision has been an investor for decades and we’re thrilled to add our expertise to the network, which will allow AbbVision to better serve the sports betting community,” Sports Card Executive Director Andrew Schulze said in the release.

“We look forward to working with Abbviad to help them accelerate their investment in the industry.”

Abbva has invested in a number of esports companies, including Gameloft and the League of Legends esports organization.

The company announced earlier this year that it is investing $1.25 million in a virtual reality company called iBizm, which is currently focused on the mobile esports market.

“The growth in mobile esports is accelerating exponentially and Abbvo’s leadership in this space has allowed us to quickly invest in new businesses and to accelerate our strategic focus,” CEO Stephen Eicher said in a statement.

“This investment will allow us to continue to build the most advanced and compelling esports products available on a global scale.”

Abba has also been involved in VR content production.

The developer previously created a virtual roller coaster ride that players could ride.

Abba also recently signed an agreement with the NBA and Major League Baseball to create a virtual basketball arena in Las Vegas.

It also recently announced plans to launch a new VR game called Magic: The Gathering: Heroes of Warcraft.

In a statement, Abba said that the company “has long been a strong supporter of the VR industry, and this partnership will bring new excitement to the world of VR gaming.”

Abbu said it is also investing in an “immersive sports experience” called “Ride a Dragon,” which is a new app that will bring virtual athletes to life in a “immersion” experience.

The new deal with the two organizations comes after Abba announced earlier in February that it would invest in a VR-focused sports video game called Team Ninja.