What’s the best way to grow your job at Chipotle?

On Thursday, the restaurant chain was rocked by an unprecedented breach of its data, forcing the company to close its systems and lay off hundreds of employees.

The data breach occurred last week, after the company revealed the identities of some of its employees who had been using the software that it uses to keep tabs on employees.

Chipotle has since removed all of its internal data.

According to the Wall Street Journal, more than 20,000 people lost access to their personal data.

It said some of the people affected are among those who were employed by Chipotle as part of its HR department.

The company said it has identified and blocked access to some of those individuals.

The Wall Street Review reported that some of them worked at Chipotles parent company, H&M.

Chipotle’s CEO, Chipotle CEO Dan Cathy, has denied that the breach affected the entire company.

He also said that some employees were using the same software that the company uses to track their work.

Chipotles CEO Dan Hesse said that the data breach did not affect the company’s reputation and that he expects the company will be fully restored soon.