Catalyst investors: The catalyst investors

Catalyst investors are making a lot of money on the latest wave of cryptocurrency.

The latest wave was sparked by the announcement of the cryptocurrency exchange Mt.

Gox’s closure.

Bitcoin’s price soared to more than $US2,000 in the early hours of Friday, the highest level in a week.

Currency experts are also forecasting a huge boom in ICOs.

But some investors are worried about the fallout from Mt.

Gox’s collapse.

Investors have been pouring in money into cryptocurrency projects, such as Ethereum and Ripple.

They’ve also been pouring money into bitcoin, as well as into Ethereum’s ICOs, which are raising tens of millions of dollars in the US alone.

The rise in the price of cryptocurrency, in particular Bitcoin, has helped boost its popularity among investors.

“There’s a lot more interest in cryptocurrency now,” said Ben Lefebvre, CEO of CryptoWall, a digital asset platform.

Mr Lefemvre said the surge in interest was a result of the surge of interest in digital assets.

He added that the price was also fuelled by an increasing number of ICOs and projects.

CryptoWall said it had seen an increase in new ICOs with the launch of the new Bitcoin Cash project in August.

However, there has been a spike in ICO activity in China, which has become a major hub for cryptocurrencies.

China has seen a surge in ICO interest, with an average of 1,000 ICOs each day, according to data from China Blockchain Information, a leading cryptocurrency information portal.

A spike in cryptocurrency prices is likely to result in a rise in interest in other cryptocurrencies such as Ether and Ripple, said Andrew Hwang, chief executive of the Crypto Fund, a Hong Kong-based blockchain investment fund.

In the US, there have been a number of announcements of ICO’s this week, including the launch by the online marketplace BitPay of an ICO for a new cryptocurrency called Ethereum Classic.

It’s unclear whether the new cryptocurrency will attract a large amount of investors, but it has already raised more than US$4 million in the first 48 hours of operation.

As more people become aware of the potential of digital currencies, Mr Lefecve said investors were becoming more cautious about investing in them.

“We have a lot less confidence in the future of cryptocurrencies than we did when Bitcoin was first launched,” he said.

Market watchers are worried that the rapid rise in prices will have a significant impact on the global economy.

Analysts at the Bank of England are forecasting a rise of up to 3 per cent in the UK’s GDP in 2019, which is a huge concern for the country’s economy.

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