How to make your company more agile

The NIO investor relations team is a place to ask questions and learn from one another.In the past, this might have been the first step to finding out more about your business.Now, it’s a more collaborative place to learn about your company and its products.Here are some of the best ways to learn more aboutRead More

Federal judge orders California pension plan to cover new benefits

CAFE, Calif.— A federal judge in California has ordered the state pension fund to cover the benefits of hundreds of thousands of retirees, saying the plan failed to adequately monitor its investment strategy and failed to ensure it was properly compensated for its risk.Federal District Judge John P. Zloch ordered the California Public Employees RetirementRead More

How to get in on the stock market frenzy

In an era of intense speculation, a lot of investors have been looking for the next big thing.If you want to invest in stocks, you need to be able to look beyond your own stock portfolio and find opportunities in the broader market.This is where investor research comes in.There are many sources for investor information,Read More

How to get your investment results to work for your business

Investors Edge, the UK’s most popular investment website, has announced the launch of a new tool that allows users to track the performance of their investment results.Investors Edge has been offering its users access to the latest investment news from the investment world since 2014, but it has never been a platform for investors toRead More

How to get a job in tech at the moment

You may be wondering what a career in technology means for you, and if it’s a career worth pursuing.So let’s take a look at what it is, what you should know about it, and what you need to know about the job market in the next year.1.What Is a Tech Job?2.Who Can Get a JobRead More

Disney CEO says he’s ‘very confident’ of staying

Disney CEO Bob Iger says he “absolutely” thinks he can stay as Disney CEO despite some internal concerns about his ability to lead the company.Speaking to investors in Tokyo, Mr Iger said he was “very confident” of remaining in the role for the long term and the company would “do the right thing” in itsRead More

Dell CEO: We’re not investing in Amazon

Dell CEO Michael Dell said in a blog post Thursday that he doesn’t have a direct investment relationship with Amazon.“The only way to answer this question is to take a look at our own stock,” Dell wrote.“We’re not going to invest in Amazon,” he added.Dell, who was named the most valuable American company in 2015,Read More