Netflix investor relations to expand in China

Netflix is getting more investor relations resources, including a new investor hotline and a new video conference, a spokesperson for the company said Thursday.

The company also plans to open an investor hangout in China and launch a new product in the country, according to the rep.

In the past, Netflix has had to deal with Chinese regulators, who have been strict about content restrictions, but the company has been working to overcome this issue.

“Netflix has expanded our global reach and has invested more than $3 billion in China in the past year,” said the rep, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“We’re looking forward to opening an investor hotline, and we are actively working to open our first video conference in China to support our customers, partners, and investors.”

The new investment hotline, which will be open through Jan. 1, will be able to help Netflix investors in China with their inquiries, and the video conference will be the first such event in China, the rep said.

The rep added that Netflix will also continue to build out its China reach, which includes launching an in-app-billing feature in the coming weeks.

Netflix currently operates in 24 countries.