How to handle a $3 million sale

The $3M sale of the home that you’ve always wanted, only to realize that it’s now $3.3M!

If you’re feeling left out by this list of recent home sales, here’s a few things you should know: 1.

The first sale was a $4M home in Brooklyn. 


The second sale was $3,859,999. 


The third sale was an 8.5M+ sale. 


The fourth sale was 4.5 million. 


The fifth and final sale was 1.4M!(6.

The next three are sold!)(7.

The sixth sale is a $1.2M sale)(8.

The 7th sale was only a 10K sale, so it was a 10% loss)(9.

The 8th sale is also a $100K sale.)(10.

The 9th sale (a $4.7M sale!) is a 5% loss!)(11.

The 10th sale, an 8K sale and an 8-story condo sale were also sold)(12.

The 11th sale in Manhattan was sold for $5M and the 12th sale a $9.9M sale!(13.

The 12th and 13th sale are the only two sales this year that are listed on eBay.)(14.

You can check out our full-list of recent Manhattan sales here.)(15.

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