How to get your investment results to work for your business

Investors Edge, the UK’s most popular investment website, has announced the launch of a new tool that allows users to track the performance of their investment results.

Investors Edge has been offering its users access to the latest investment news from the investment world since 2014, but it has never been a platform for investors to compare their investment outcomes to one another.

That changed with the launch last year of Splunk, a proprietary data-analysis tool.

The platform’s new Splunk Investor Dashboard lets users track the results of their own investments and compare them to those of other investors.

“Investors have long been frustrated by the difficulty of comparing their own returns to those from their rivals.

We’re excited to give them access to this data to get an insight into the results for their own investment,” said Paul Jones, Splunk investor communications manager.

Investors can create dashboards for individual stocks or ETFs, or look at the performance across all of the investment products on the site.

“This new tool will enable investors to see exactly how their investment is doing, whether it’s a good match for their peers or not, and see how their investments compare to others,” he added.

The dashboard is available for free to users who are in the top 1,000 users on Splunk.

“We’re very excited to be able to add this data and dashboards to the site, which will be of huge benefit to investors and the broader market,” said Sam Todhunter, Splunks chief executive.

Investors looking to compare how their portfolio compares to the market can use Splunk’s Investment Comparison tool.

A number of different metrics, including returns, return expectations, dividends and fees, are also included, including total return, return over the last three years, average return over five years and return over 10 years.

Splunk also provides information on the overall performance of its platform.

“It is important to note that investment data is not a perfect indicator of the performance or value of a particular asset or fund.

These metrics are only available when the user has chosen to use the tool,” Mr Jones said.

“For example, an investor could select to view returns for a particular stock over time, or their average return, or even to view the number of days a fund has been trading.

This information is available only when the investor has chosen the tool.”

The company also offers a tool that will allow users to compare investment returns across different investments.

“Our new tool, Splunks Investor Dashboards, will help you get a better idea of the relative performance of your investments across the different investment products available on the Splunk platform,” Mr Todhunger said.

Investors with a particular investment in mind can look at specific metrics such as the total return and return-to-earnings (ROE) over time.

The splunk dashboard can also give a quick overview of the average return for a specific fund, and the amount of time a fund is trading.

“If you’re considering investing, Spluns Investor Dashbooks provide a wealth of data that can help you understand your investment strategy and help you make a more informed decision,” Mr Smith added.

Splunks Investor Dashcards can be viewed on the website here:

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