‘National Health’ investors ‘not ready’ to invest in Angel Investors

Investor hangouts at Angel Investors are offering investors the opportunity to become accredited investors in their investment portfolios.

“National Health Investors are not ready for the new regulatory environment in which Angel Investors now operate,” Angel Investor chief executive, Tim Stenzel, said.

He said investors who want to join in the growing number of Angel Investors should check with their brokerages and brokerages are working hard to accommodate the new legal environment for Angel Investors.

“National health investors are fully aware of the risks associated with Angel Investors’ investments.

The National Health Investors have been in the Angel Investment business for years and they understand the risks of Angel investing and have invested accordingly.

We are in a good position to meet these risks as we have a high number of accredited investors.”

Stenzel said Angel Investors would continue to invest and continue to work with the Angel Investor team to provide the best services to Angel Investors worldwide.

Angel Investors’ Angel Investor hangout, the National Health Investor hang out, and other Angel Investor events are available on Angel.com and Angel.co.nz.

National Health Investor, Angel Investors and Angel Investors have a combined total of more than $4 billion.